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JMA_6417 DIN Block
JMA_6320 DIN Flow Bare Shaft
JMA_6417 DIN Block
JMA_6320 DIN Flow Bare Shaft

Vortex Pumps

Product Profile

Vorbloc, Superflow vortex end suction pumps


Back Pull-Out End Suction pump with recessed Impeller.

Design Feature

With its recessed impeller, located outside the flow path, moves the liquid in a vortex action, during which less than 10% of the liquid enters the impeller vanes. This action, and the pump’s internal clearances, allows the passage of solids and fibrous materials.Can be supplied either as a bareshaft pump on its own, or coupled to a motor or engine, and base-mounted. The pump can also be delivered as a close-coupled Motorpump, which eliminates any possibility of shaft and coupling misalignment.


Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Casing and Impeller, with Hard-Faced Mechanical Seal. consult the Regent Sales Staff for the whole range of material and sealing options


Waste Water and Effluent, Farmyard and Abattoir Waste, Sewage, Grey Water and Black Water, Food Processing Liquids and Waste, Liquids with suspended Solids, Pulp and Paper.


Flow rates up to 8500 litres per minute with pressure up to 50 meters

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