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Pump King, Fire King, Fire Chief and Fire Buster


The range of Regent Firefighting pumps start with portable 40 or 50 mm self-priming pumps and end with our heavy duty Fire Chief range powered. Those most commonly used are single stage models, although some two stage units are available.

Design Feature

Fire fighting requires a combination of flow and discharge pressure, and these pumps designed and built to do just that. The Pump King units are lightweight and portable, and can be supplied with either a single 50 mm discharge, or a three-way discharge with one 40 mm and two 25 mm outlets. The larger models have flanged suction and discharge and are best suited to either truck or trailer mounting to quickly get them where they are needed.


The 40 and 50 mm “Pump King” models have aluminium alloy casings and cast iron impellers, and are close-coupled to their respective engines. The most widely-used engines are Honda petrol, and Yanmar and Hatz diesels, all of which have a proven record of reliability. Electric motor driven pumps are also readily available. Fire Buster models are of cast iron construction with bronze impellers.


Emergency Firefighting pumps, these pumps may also be used for water transfer, tank filling and dewatering duties.


Flow rates up to 850 litres per minute with pressures up to 40m

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