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Product Profile

The Regent column pump (or sump pump) has a pump casing and impeller assembly submerged in the pumped liquid, with the motor remotely mounted at the top of a column and drive shaft.

Design Feature

These pumps are built to the user’s specifications. Columns built to the length as specified by the user. Column pumps are also used for pumping hazardous chemicals where any escape from the pump remains in the sump. They may be single column design, or twin column type with a riser pipe from the pump discharge.


The pump components are available with either a Minorflow, Majorflow, Superflow, Dinflow, Isoflow or Vortex Impeller. Materials include Cast Iron, Bronze, Zinc-Free Bronze and Stainless Steel, and standard TEFC electric motors are used. These my be varied if explosion-proof or flameproof types are required. Normal construction features oil bath mechanical seals and lower bearings, but in suitable cases a cantilever style with no bearing or seal can be used.


Ideal for High temperature or hazardous liquid transfer, such as boiler blowdown water, where a tendency to vapourize means that a suction lift is not practicable. Other uses include waste and effluent in a wide variety of industries such as chemical processing, high temperature / hazardous chemical transfer, sump transfer applications, General Industry


Flow rates up to 1000 cubic metres per hour with pressure up to 70m

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