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JMA_6287 SP Trash Pump
JMA_6602 SP100 Self Priming Pump
JMA_6287 SP Trash Pump
JMA_6602 SP100 Self Priming Pump

Self-priming / Trash pumps

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Regent Autoprime


A self-priming / Trash pump is an open impeller designed pump which give them great solids handling capability (Subject to model size) and will purge itself if it becomes air-bound, and resume pumping without outside attention.


Self priming pumps are available in a wide range of materials including Cast Iron, Bronze, Zinc-Free Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Engineering Plastics. Mechanical Seals are Standard, Packed Glands available on request. Drives include electric motors, petrol and diesel engines, air and hydraulic motors.


Road Tanker filling and spray bar operation, marine bilge and washdown, site dewatering, tanker unloading, fire fighting, septic tanks, industrial effluent, sump pumping, water transfer.


Flow rates up to 1250 litres per minute with pressure up to 30m

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