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Our Story

Regent Pumps Pty Ltd, a wholly Australian-owned manufacturing company, has been a major supplier of centrifugal pumps and services to Australian and overseas markets for more than sixty years.

Our range of products and brand names which have become bywords throughout the pump industry and pump users.

We are an Australian manufacturer, while we source do some components from overseas, we endeavour to source from Australia where possible and we are very proud to say that Regent Pumps remains an Australian owned manufacturer. A number of our pumps are still totally Australian made.

Our pumps range from 25 mm discharge to 300 mm, with electric, petrol, diesel or hydraulic drives.

We also serve users who find that their existing pumps are now obsolete and unrepairable. Our ever-growing files show more than 600 such pumps, and the readily available Regent models to replace them.

Our strength is producing good quality pumps with the maximum possible Australian content, and ensuring that our customers can obtain spare parts for a lifetime.

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Unlike other pump manufacturers, we design our pumps to be backward compatible where possible, but also use the latest technology in the manufacturing and the componentry to give greater performance, reliability and efficiencies to the end user.

We regularly see pumps we’ve made in the 1950’s/60’s still in service and need replacing, having the same dimensional compatibility allows us to supply pumps to fit the old pump foot print and flange to flange dimensions which ensures no need to rework pipework and assurance that something we supply today will be easily replaceable in the future.

We are able to supply replacement pumps and spare parts for other brands/models out in the market. Regent Pumps are known to be the “go-to” place when a really old pump needs to be replaced or if no one has answers.

Based on today’s high technology / modern world – Regent still uses the “old” way which isn’t the best, but it is what makes us unique for sure!

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