Regent Pumps

ISO Centrifugal pumps to ISO Standard 2858

Product Profile

The Regent Isoflow: End suction bareshaft pump and Isobloc the close-coupled motor pump.

Design Feature

Back Pull-Out construction means easy servicing when necessary, with the pump casing and pipework remaining undisturbed.


Standard is Cast Iron Casing, Bronze Impeller, Stainless Steel Shaft and single Mechanical Seal. Casings and Impellers are also available in Stainless Steel construction.A single Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal is standard, other seals available on request or designed for application


Air Conditioning, Water Pressure Boosting, Heating and Cooling, Liquid transfer, Water Treatment and Supply, Effluent, Irrigation and Drainage, Petroleum Products, General Industry.


Flow rates up to 1500 litres per minute with pressures up to 150 Meters.

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